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Elephant suffering from traumatic anal injury was fortunate to receive treatment from veterinarians

Hello, hope you all are doing well, Welcome back to our YouTube channel, Would you please make sure to subscribe and hit the bell button for more Elephant videos? Today we are going to see how the treatment is done for a severely infected Elephant.

According to the report, the Elephant has found in the middle of the jungle after falling sick a villager, When it got reported to the wildlife conservation authority, also a few times has been passed, The Elephant has got infected with a severe anal wound, Due to that severe infection, he has fallen in the mud pit.

Since the animal is in a mud pit he is covered with mud, As the animal is severely weakened, it is needed to boost up the elephant first, So they are going to give saline treatment to elephants, The needle is connected to the ear as the arteries are clearly visible in the ear and blood supply is high in the ear.

So that it is helpful to administer saline and other medicines rapidly into the bloodstream, The Elephant is not completely unconscious, We can see him struggling too as he can feel the injections in his ear, Saline, multivitamins, antibiotics are usually given to these types of infected animals for easy recovery from the infection.

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