Elephant | December 24, 2021 2:50 PM | Hang Bona

Awesome Video!, Lions Attack Baby Elephant In Front Of Their Mother’s Eyes Is Unbelievable

Lions fight against elephants – World of predators Nobody messes with adults! Elephant tribe rushes to save their young, Elephant struggle with lions Lions kill a hungry black elephant attacking a herd of elephants Watch what the elephant did when he attacked the lions Moments filmed on the camera that no one believed.

Hungry lions attacking a herd of elephants, The battle of lions against elephants! Moments filmed on the camera that no one believed!! Wild animals can live in many parts of the world.

These places – America, USA, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Africa, UAE, Russia, China, Safari Interesting facts, informative videos about animals – all this is waiting for you on the Moment Animal Video Channel, Biggest Animals, Coolest Animals, Animal.

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