Snake | December 20, 2021 1:55 PM | Hang Bona

You will be surprised to see the strange feat of a poisonous snake that suddenly appeared at this house

Well, this space under the stairs is a frequent hiding place for snakes and perhaps an earlier hiding place for this huge frog. Let me tell you that this is probably the case all over the world, that people like to have at hand (in this case under the stairs) various things they need.

So, at the same time, they bring a certain threat to themselves. But if here, in Poland, there was a climate like yours, each time I enter the shed behind the garage, it would be a risky game. Well, such a digression came over me.

Dear friend Mirza, guys, you have done a good job. This old lady looked seriously frightened by the presence of a cobra. Like all women, like all mothers, she was worried not only about herself but also for her relatives. I think that you gave her the greatest joy with your action. Thanks a lot, gentlemen.

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