Bird | November 26, 2021 10:38 AM | Hang Bona

15 Breathtaking Hunting Moments By Birds Caught On Camera

We often see predators hunt prey that simply does not have any defense mechanisms capable of fighting back, The only thing they can do is run and hope for a lucky break, But there are animals out there that are similar in strength.

For instance, the yak and the bull, or the rhino and the cape buffalo, If you want to know what happens when they meet, keep watching, as we count down 15 battling moments between animals that are evenly matched.

I had a peregrine falcon hunt I assume a dove in my backyard unsuccessfully and crashed into my kitchen window, I heard a loud thud and went to investigate and saw it fly from the ground and perched itself on the armrest of a lawn chair, It stayed there for about 10 minutes to regain its strength and fly off.

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