Snake | November 24, 2021 10:00 AM | Hang Bona

A Species Of Venomous Cobra Snake Rescue At Arnapal, Odisha

What a beautiful little creature, I am very glad they didn’t hurt him but I was scared someone might get bitten though! No one was bit thank goodness! He seemed like a very gentle snake, How amazing to get to learn about these customs, Thank you for sharing your video.

Mirza Bhai, no doubt you are the best snake catcher in our country, but my only suggestion to you, please ask the crowd to go away from you while catching such venomous snakes, Long live Mirza Bhai, Jai Jagannath!.

Thank you sir for educating these people being respectful and making them aware of the dangers of having a snake in such close proximity to people, You and your teammates are indeed very brave and passionate about snakes.

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