Elephant | November 22, 2021 2:21 PM | Hang Bona

Injured baby elephant rescued by wildlife officers!

This baby elephant was hit by a train and the baby elephant sustained serious injuries. The baby elephant was kept in the Udawalawa Athathurusewana animal hospital for treatment. The wildlife officers continuously treated the animal and recovered fast.

Oh Wow! This young wounded elephant is happily rescued by these wildlife officers. Sometimes, the luck is there and it saves lives, like that of this very young elephant. And it’s fantastic. You are lucky my little elephant, oh Yes.

Look how caring all of those people are toward the elephant. Bless the people of Sri Lanka for wanting to protect a valuable national treasure of theirs – their elephants! Not every country or even continent is blessed to have them.

I live in North America, and we don’t have a single elephant. We’ll never get to experience being able to see one that’s not in a zoo, so I hope the countries that have them realize how fortunate they are.

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