Snake | November 17, 2021 9:38 AM | Hang Bona

Very dangerous chandranag created panic in the girl’s common room of the college, A big accident

Some people use a special kind of stone which is called snake stone, It doesn’t help, Comfort the hurt person and find out the facts of the incident, Wipe the skin of the sting site with a wet cloth, but not the medicine, Wiping will remove the venom of the snake lying there.

Make the injured sleep on the side, so that even if there is vomiting, do not go into the respiratory system, Tie a splint on the leg or hand where there is a string so that its movement stops, This reduces transmission in that part.

Keeping the highest part of the body at a level lower than the heart will prevent the transmission of poison, If there is poison in the bite, then also check its symptoms, Often the snake that has bitten is harmless.

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