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Amazing Find Giant HoneyBee For Food At The Forest, How To Find Giant HoneyBee

Hi! This Is Video I Want To Show You About Amazing Find Giant Honey Bee For Food, How To Find Giant Honey Bee At The Forest.

The one thing I learned from this is I will never do this again, I have done what he has done, and I am feeling bad about it, It just doesn’t feel right and the number of honey Combs also reduced to very low numbers around my locality.

If he would have only taken half the nest they would have repaired the nest and made more honey and he could have had a continual supply of honey!.

Humans are so selfish how would we feel someone will fill our house with smoke all of a sudden and compel us to vacate our own house and loot our stuff, just imagine! How the bees must be feeling.

He wears no protection whatsoever from the bees and if they all decided to attack him then he will be in trouble, And second, he’s walking in the forest barefoot with only a sandal a snake will get him if he’s not looking.

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