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Photographer Alexey Trofimov captured a cute baby fur seal crawling on ice in Lake Baikal in Russia

Fur seal pups have huge black eyes, a wavy mustache, and a luxurious covering of fur, making them one of the most attractive animals on the earth.

Many experienced wildlife photographers have spent months or years pursuing and photographing these infants since they are shy, cautious, and difficult to capture on camera.

Success does not come easily; it requires effort and perseverance.

Alexey Trofimov, a Russian photographer, finally captured a gorgeous baby fur seal on his lens after three years of trying to get closer to this species.

A lovely seal pup moving on the ice at Lake Baikal in Russia was his subject.

When it wandered around, the delicate creature’s eyes kept wide open, as if it was intrigued about its surroundings.

Do you know that in the nineteenth century, these species were on the verge of extinction? Hunters were drawn to their fur because it was so appealing.

Hundreds of thousands of young seals are still shot or cruelly beaten by bludgeons each year in the United States.

Furry newborn seals are adorable, and they need to be protected and given a normal life, Simply share the information with your family and friends if you adore these critters, Thanks for you like and share.

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