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An orphaned elephant was comforted by a kind ostrich, and the two became closest friends at the wildlife refuge

Wild animals never cease to astonish us with their unusual companionship, These amazing, sensitive creatures have the ability to love and comfort one another in the same way that humans do.

This amazing friendship between various animals, on the other hand, will most likely warm your hearts.

Meet Pea, an ostrich, and Jotto, a baby elephant, who developed a special bond at an elephant orphanage when they met for the first time.

When Sheldrick Wildlife volunteers rescued the newborn elephant when he was just a month old, he was given a second chance at life.

Shortly after the baby elephant was rescued, sanctuary staff discovered two orphaned ostrich chicks named Pea and Pod, who were taken to the same refuge as the baby elephant.

Nobody could have predicted that they would get along and, more importantly, become friends.

Here, the newly formed friendship thrived, Pea was always by Jotto, providing him with comfort and attention, which the young orphan elephant really needed.

Pea and Jotto were inseparable, spending their entire day together, and it was their caring friendship that helped both of them overcome their misery.

The ostrich who spent her days with the elephant herd began to believe she was one of them.

Jotto is overjoyed to have such a fun and kind buddy as Pea, and they spend a lot of time cuddling.

They will return to the wild once they have healed, grown robust, and matured, Thanks for your like and share.

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