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Baby Monkey’s tender care for five Baby Ducklings is seen in this touching video

When a scenario of animal love, caring, or companionship affects our hearts deeply, no one can look at lovely animals performing charming things and remain unmoved. Take 8 minutes to watch these adorable animals in action; it will undoubtedly melt even the hardest heart, and a grin on your face will be guaranteed after viewing this movie.

The video begins with the young monkey looking tenderly at the ducklings’ brood. Ducklings are playing with the monkey’s fur, and the monkey appears to like it, He constantly cuddles the baby ducks. The monkey’s family follows him wherever he goes, believing he is their new mother, It appears to be a great family, and they can’t be apart from each other for more than a few moments.

It’s time for the yellow birds to eat their delicious rice, while the tiny monkey drinks milk from the bottle. The monkey ascends the tree, where his fluffy pals await him at the bottom. The adorable bunch of animals continues to explore their surroundings, The monkey appears to be hungry once more, munching on all of the plants and flowers, Some ducklings appear exhausted and dizzy.

They can sleep soundly without fear of being harmed by anything because their monkey mother is in charge of their nap and will protect them. Fill these five minutes with happy feelings by watching this lovely video.

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