Animals | August 27, 2021 8:14 AM | Hang Bona

Poor and kind farmers saving a tusker elephant from a mud pit

These daring tuskers can be found all around Sri Lanka, and we recently heard about one that was stranded in a muddy pit. We raced to the scene to watch how a group of villagers and concerned officials worked together to save this juvenile tusker from a mud pit that could have trapped him indefinitely.

Watch the entire show to learn how to save a rare young tusker so it can return to the island of wilderness and freedom. What I liked about this particular video is it answers a question I always wonder about in these situations.

Does the animal being rescued know at that time the rescue is taking place? I know they are scared of a bulldozer but do the elephants recognize they are there to help. It answers it at the end, The elephant literally seemed to turn around and thank them.

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