Dog | August 27, 2021 2:17 AM | Hang Bona

Detective BiBi ambush fruit thieves

BiBi and Amee are my favorite, love how they play together, I just hope that Amee doesn’t bite BiBi too hard.

I don’t know how you teach BiBi to walk and perform so many clever tasks – as long as it’s patient and loving and BiBi isn’t injured!.

I sure enjoy your videos, I bet you could make an animated version for kid’s cartoons with your characters BiBi, the doggie, and the duckling or even write a series of children’s books with your characters.

This time big fight between Amee and Bibi thought they would sulk for some time but like a good buddy Amee said sorry and everything is fine in the Animal home.

Sir, We would really love to see how you train these animals for such NOT SO EASY tasks can you kindly post a few behind-the-scenes videos if possible, Thanks for your like and share.

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