Animals | August 27, 2021 12:11 AM | Hang Bona

A rare giant elephant was found wandering with an injured leg

This colossus was discovered walking with a damaged leg, It is in excruciating pain, and our team of brave wildlife cops is on their way to help.

This colossus deserves to be treated so that it can roam freely on the wild island, Its injuries are unknown at this time, but our team of wildlife officers plans to investigate, process, and get this elephant through to a full recovery.

Keep an eye out for further information about this one-of-a-kind behemoth in the island paradise.

It’s awful to see that gorgeous elephant in such agony, and I’m hoping it’s just an abscess that can be treated without the elephant losing its leg.

I was hoping that the movie would include some care and aid for the elephant, as it is clear that the elephant is in excruciating pain, Thanks for your like and share.

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