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Rejected by his herd sick baby elephant found comfort and high spirit in former service dog

Elephants are intelligent animals who thrive in their herd, They are also extremely social animals who thrive in their herd.

Meet Ellie, a little young elephant who was rejected by his herd due to a chronic illness, He had no hope of surviving in the wild on his own.

Fortunately, Rhino Orphanage volunteers rescued him and transported him to a sanctuary in Zululand, where he received particular attention and care.

Ellie has not turned away despite the orphanage’s focus on rhinos; in fact, the caregivers worked hard to develop a novel milk formula for him because he was allergic to all types of milk.

They supplied minerals and proteins to well-cooked rice, Ellie gradually gained weight and strength, and he recovered from his illness, but one thing remained: he felt lonely.

Ellie was having psychological problems as a result of not being able to communicate with his elephant family.

The crew was stumped as to how to assist the unfortunate critter with his social requirements.

But there was help on the way, and it was a former service dog named Duma who saved the unhappy elephant’s life.

They made an instantaneous new relationship and became inseparable as soon as Duma arrived.

They were having fun on the sandpile, chasing each other.

Ellie became upbeat and appeared to be in good spirits, He found solace in his new friend, Duma, who helped him overcome his sadness and loneliness, Thanks for like and share.

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