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BiBi takes revenge on Amee dog

This is one of the cuter ones I couldn’t stop laughing I swear poor baby with the gauze all over his head and his arm and then he’s got his little weight trying to hit Amee dog, So very cute and precious.

I couldn’t stop laughing seeing BiBi bandaged up and the violins started playing! Watching her working out to beat Amee is the cutest thing ever.

BiBi and Amee get into it again, and then it’s Amee the one in bandages, Had me in stitches! But I love it when they make up and share their food, BiBi and Amee are the funniest ever!.

Hahaha, Muito boa a estória, Me diverti com estas duas, Bibi e Ame, Elas quebram o pau e depois fazem as pazes, Muito bom rsrsrs o pau tora e logo depois estão best friends.

These skits bibi, Amee and the rest are hilarious, Bibi’s workout was priceless, Couldn’t stop laughing, Keep them coming!.

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