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Fire Noodle & Hot Dog & CHEESE PIZZA & Tteokbokki Eating Sound

Their friendship is literally everything, It’s so fun and playful and genuine, I wish more people had friendships like they do.

I loved the editing for these, The intro made me laugh! Good looks are good too, I would love more of these collaborations next time Gongsam, thanks for the delicious video!.

Well, this is what I want! Not just a video they also do acting at first, do u agree with me? When you added the egg whites mixture to the yolk sheet that was looking like melted fluffy Marshmellow.

It’s funny when Sulgi and Gongsam Table were fighting with the toy and Gongsam Table getting shrunk by Sulgi and was telling her to turn back Gongsam Table to normal.

I really love this channel you make the most entertaining users, And I also wonder does he cook for his roommate too.

I miss this collaboration, All their food looks delicious, It’s my first time to saw noodles in pizza. I wish they can eat a Jollibee making, Lots of love from the Philippines.

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