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A woman saves a bear from the zoo, and the two have become best friends

Bears are the unofficial mascot of colder nations such as Canada and Russia, and we all love them.

After adopting a bear named Archie who was rescued from the circus as a cub, Veronica Dichka is undeniably a beer connoisseur.

He was subsequently brought to a safari park and then an animal refuge, where he was kept until Veronica stepped in.

These days, the couple is inseparable and does everything together!.

Archie was unable to survive in the wild because he was born in captivity.

As a result, Veronica stepped in to help him, and the two formed an unbelievable friendship.

Archie is a bright young man who can perform a variety of feats and is well-mannered.

Veronica is a professional dancer, model, and avid fisherwoman.

Archie adores going fishing with Veronica, as you might expect.

He doesn’t even need to hibernate in the winter because he’s so well nourished!.

Veronica has now received a genuine bear hug.

They eat together, he sleeps in her arms, and when he’s scared, he hides behind her.

What a lovely partnership!.

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