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A fun day of BiBi and duckling

My beloved is all in business, all in worries, I did exercises, I spilled the garden, I adore her, I look forward to each mini video, with her and her friends, respect to the young man, I never cease to admire his inventions.

You are a golden girl, well, just like Cinderella! I woke up, did the exercises, and went to work, It’s time to eat, and then sleep!.

Bibishka is a baby just a miracle, What a smart and caring person, I fed the duck, I watered the garden, She drank the milk herself and fell asleep.

Duckling lets bibi sleep because she needs a lot of rest, She doesn’t stop for a minute thanks to little animals.

I see you took bibi’s mat and blanket away, You said you wanted bibi to be like yoyo Jr, Well yoyo has a real bed to sleep in he is like a real person lives.

She’s really adorable, cute, funny, but this treatment is not normal for a wild animal, I love Bibi that’s all.

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