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It seemed to be in a street market

Really disappointed about that place, So many expectations regardings Nusr-Et due to his social activities but.

At the entrance, you leave your name to the hostess that starts screaming like in a market the name of the next guest in the line, This thing keeps going on all night.

I had a table close to her and I was eating for 2 hours with her yelling in my ears.

About food, well they don’t have anything that is written on the menu, If you ask something, they just tell you that is not available, At the end, you are almost forced to take what they suggest just because they only have what they suggest.

Not to talk about desserts, none of the ones mentioned in the menu are available, They only have a Turkish dessert with ice cream that they serve all over the tables.

Well, the funny thing is that I even came to the Nusr-Et Steak House the day after just to see if it was better than the burger restaurant I was in.

Well even worse! No Kobe, no tomahawk, nothing I wanted…Just a case?, I had to take what they want me to take, that’s it.

In the end, I asked for wine and they brought to me the wine menu and suggested me an Italian Commercial cheap wine for hundreds of euros!.

When I finished eating in about 30 minutes a waiter stood behind my back waiting for me to leave the site to the next client, You just finish the last bite on the dish and they run to clear away the table.

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