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Photographer Captures a Proud Lion Triumphantly Standing on a Bone Hill

A proud male lion stood at the top of a heap of bones, and an LA photographer named Simon Needham photographed the spectacular scene.

The stunning image of him surveying his long on top of a pile of animal carcasses is surrounded by the atmospheric sky.

When Simon Needham shot this photo, he was visiting the GG Conservation Wildlife Reserve in South Africa to assist create advertising content for the sanctuary.

When the 52-year-old photographer took the astounding photos, he was only 30 feet away and says he was “in awe of the lion king.”

“GG Conservation had asked me to create some marketing content for them, and they have a boneyard where all of the animal carcasses are collected once the lions have finished eating.”

“I decided to wait out there one morning and was fortunate enough to catch one enormous male lion as he perched on top of the bone hill, watching his land.”

“He was just there for a minute or so, but I got a couple of images before he walked on.”

“It was a thrilling moment that I could only have imagined previous to arriving there that morning.”

“I see many different interpretations of the artwork, but I see it as a confident lion king surveying his domain.”

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