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Amazing meat, comical salt sprinkling & high price

Came to this place as we are familiar with salt bae, I had no idea he had restaurants in Istanbul or anywhere for that matter – I just knew he sprinkled salt in a comical way haha.

My friend seemed to know more than me and explained that his restaurant served good quality meat, We both wanted to go as it seemed like a fun idea and the place supposedly had great meat.

We went for a late dinner and the restaurant was situated near the grand bazaar, however, it was closed when we went, so luckily we missed all the huddle and bustle.

We looked at the menu on our phones through a QR code and ordered with the waiter, We ordered the beef short ribs for two and the whole rack of lamb with barbecue and truffle Mayo dips and yes the waiters did do the notorious salt bae sprinkle, which we found funny and a nice touch.

Beef ribs were amazingly tender and tasty – really really good meat, Same with the lamb rack, this came whole and each cutlet was separated in front of us and stacked up in a really cool way by the waiter, there was also some amazing lamb filet that came off the rack.

It was absolutely delicious and the sauces were great too Very good quality meat! The price was very high for Istanbul but the food was great and it was a novel experience.

Bill came to around 1000 Lira and that included three drinks, Would have given it 5 stars if it was more reasonably priced, However still recommend it!.

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