Animals | August 21, 2021 11:51 AM | Hang Bona

Baby monkey BiBi loves grapes

Bibi is really fun watching her ride the goats around on their backs, she can ride anything properly very ahead of her time but she is such an angel taking care of other animals.

Bibi has compassion, for all things, adorable small but strong coming out of her womb(Mother) amazing born with skills she has from birth, my favorite Animal’s, monkeys rule!.

Little sweetie, cutest angel be careful of her, she looks like coming from another world but she seems speedy and healthy.

Hello, good afternoon, how beautiful the bb is, but because she trembles so much to eat that she eats very well this beautiful take care of her a lot of favor that God bless you and many kisses to the bb, I am from Mexico and I speak Spanish, I do not understand them and congratulations to the one who cares.

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