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Ploy Thong, a blind elephant, was accepted into Chana and Kabu’s company

Ploy Thong was rescued from a Pattaya elephant camp in February 2018, She is blind in both eyes and transports visitors every day.

She was saddled early every day and carried riders till sundown, She sniffs the path with her trunk as the visitors ride on her back.

While on our way to rescue Bua Keaw, we saw she was working and started talking to the owner about releasing her.

Faa Mai and Ploythong fell in love almost immediately when she first came to the Park.

Faa Mai attempted for a few weeks to accept her into the family, but it became clear that senior members of the group were not having it.

We chose to place her with other friends, despite how difficult it was, We introduced her to Saree and Meesook, who lived over the river.

It was an excellent match, and they enjoyed many happy years together, with Meesook and Ploythong becoming close friends.

We don’t know why their friendship has deteriorated, but we must deal with the situation.

They pushed Ploy Thong away and abandoned her, We tried to introduce her to other groups, but she was hesitant and scared.

She is in dire need of a buddy who can act as her eyes and gently lead her.

Ploy Thong was presented to Chana and Kabu, but Kabu, as predicted, did not accept and did not extend a cordial greeting.

Elephants love to communicate, and their nocturnal discussion can frequently overcome a number of preconceptions, We decided to try a pairing by placing them in neighboring shelters.

When Chana accepted Ploythong after some time, Kabu ultimately accepted it as well, We hope their friendship would endure forever.

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