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Baby Chaba and her mother, Bunma, are two of our recently rescued elephants. After a few days and their lives were transformed

On August 8th, 2021, our founder, Lek Chailert, was called by an elephant camp owner for assistance in rescuing a mother and baby elephant and bringing them to our care.

The camp owner has been sick for over a year, and he has to entrust the camp and his elephants to others during that period.

Everything is more difficult because of the lack of money during the COVID crisis.

The owner wishes to sell several of his elephants in order to purchase food for the other elephants in the camp.

Because he is concerned about the infant’s health, the owner has decided to let this mother and baby leave.

They are a young mother and her child for the first time, In that circumstance, the new mother has difficulties caring for her kid when she is alone and has no help from the herd.

The young elephant’s condition was not excellent, as she had a lower body weight than normal and her behavior was sluggish and strange.

Bunma, the mother, is 16 years old and is too young to be a mother without the assistance of a nanny.

She worked in the elephant show before the COVID-19 epidemic, performing and painting in the camp.

Her kid’s name is Chaba, and she gave birth in May of this year, Since giving birth, the mother elephant has been locked in a small cage with her baby, and it was apparent that she was suffering stress.

Given this circumstance, it’s a difficult decision to make during the days when we’re trying to stay alive and psychologically lock the door to any others who could want to enter our gate, securing the lives of those who reside within.

Looking out that window, though, we see these eyes pleading with us, “Just one more time” “Bring us home.”

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