Animals | August 20, 2021 7:57 AM | Hang Bona

What Will Happen if The Lion King Climbs The Tree?

Just see the movement of the tails of cats while they fall from a height, Don’t know why I find it too much interesting.

I did not know Lions can climb trees! I’ve watched a lot of line documentaries lately, never saw any of them go in the trees!.

Awesome beautiful videos I love so many big cats special lions and lionesses!! They’re unique, curious, and funny! Please more videos like this!.

Why would these lions go through all the trouble of climbing the tree for old empty prey while they can easily jump on the car right underneath and eat all the well-nourished tourists?.

The keepers are teaching the lions to climb trees by pasting pieces of meat on the tree trunk and little by little it climbs until it is near the height that a leopard keeps its dead game, but until the leopard game carcass was placed by the keepers, just for the tourist to see.

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