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CZN Burak Ramazan Special IFTAR Table (PIKACHU RAW MEATBALL)

Today, I prepared an iftar table for you special for Ramadan, We have rice, tray kebab, lentil soup, and bonus Pikachu raw meatballs in our menu, which I gave the recipes for, It was a fun video, Have a nice watch, I hope the entire Islamic world blessed Ramadan.

Hello all, friends Hello to all Turkish and Azerbaijani brothers from the city of Tovuz from Azerbaijan, Rebbim bless the Turks Turkish power wolf power.

Read the Quran to know and understand the Sunnah, Otherwise, the religious vendors will “circumcise” your beliefs!, Let’s get acquainted with the Quran this Ramadan, Let’s meet Sunnatullah, Happy Ramadan.

Do not spoil your smile and happiness, Burak brother, Happy Ramadan, I hope that the blessings of Ramadan will be in the peace of the whole Muslim world in his family at his dinner.

Well done bro, by the way, although not as much as you, I’m a cook too, I’m an assistant cook next to you, but I’m watching you with excitement and sometimes I take advantage of the content you make.

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