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Watch how an elephant responds when a rhino charges it

Rhinos may be a brawny bunch! When angered, they protect their area by throwing excrement and attacking intruders head first.

However, it appears that they also know when to back off.

When a couple of elephants approach a lone white rhino, things get heated, as photographed by safari photographers.

The rhino backs away warily while one of the elephants playfully balances a stick on its head, It’s no match for a big elephant, even with thick skin and a large front horn that averages 35 inches.

African elephants, which may weigh up to 15,000 pounds, are about three times the size of rhinos!.

The rhino appears to ignore this for a little while and charges for the elephant, The enormous monster takes up the stick with its trunk and tosses it toward the rhino, seemingly unfazed.

This rhino probably didn’t see what happened since rhinos have famously poor vision, but when the stick clattered off to its left, it was definitely frightening enough to flee.

Rhinos and elephants are both herbivores that don’t need to hunt other animals, therefore they get along OK most of the time, however, when they come in each other’s way, only one will win.

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