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The First Appearance of Tasmanian Devils on Mainland Australia in Over 3,000 Years

For the first time in over 3,000 years, endangered Tasmanian devils — seven in total — were born in the wild on the Australian mainland.

The “joeys,” or baby Tasmanian devils, were born in late May at the Barrington Wildlife Sanctuary in New South Wales, While they’re still small — newborn joeys weigh just around 0,20 grams at birth — they’ve given the endangered species a new lease on life.

Dingoes (wild dogs) wiped off Tasmanian devils on the Australian mainland, and they are now isolated to the island of Tasmania.

Furthermore, in recent years, the demons have been plagued by a contagious facial tumor illness known as Devil Facial Tumor Disease, which has killed approximately 90% of the population, leaving only 25,000 people alive.

“For the best part of ten years, we have been working diligently to restore Devils to the wilds of mainland Australia in the hopes of establishing a sustainable population,” a spokesman for Tasmanian devil conservation organization Aussie Ark said on their Facebook page.

The organization has been collaborating with Re: wild and WildArk to reintroduce the devils to the mainland, and 26 devils were released this year.

We’d been keeping an eye on them from afar until it was time to confirm the birth of our first wild joeys, And what a thrilling experience that was!”.

Tasmanian devils are carnivorous marsupials approximately the size of a small dog with a loud and occasionally terrifying shriek, an extraordinary sense of smell, and fury when eating.

The creatures have one of the most powerful bites per unit body mass of any surviving predatory land mammal, Follow the conservation of these unusual monsters and the growth of the joeys on Aussie Ark’s website.

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