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Rare Uruguay Steak vs. Japanese knife vs. Italian steak knife

830g Ribeye Steak from Uruguay, first seared on high heat, then brought up to 52°C / 125°F internal temperature, As finish seared with butter and rosemary, A Japanese petty knife runs against an Italian steak knife.

I am young, and I understood what the title meant, I’m just a little bit pissed off some of the comments saying it’s raw, it’s because it’s how it’s supposed to be “rare”, which means how it’s cooked.

It is a meat cake! It a bit too rare for me but, if it was offered to me yes I would eat it, Thank you for your videos.

If you cut it all to pieces then the last bits are gonna be cold when you reach them Lol I like to cut small pieces of my steak and eat it right away.


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