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Stranded Baby elephant waiting to see its parents again

This is a tragic incident in which some locals discovered a small baby elephant that had been separated from its parents for some time.

The locals took their time feeding and caring for the young elephant until the wildlife department arrived to transport it to a nearby facility where it would be protected and healed.

Wildlife department officers will be looking for the herd that this baby elephant belongs to.

These young elephants cannot survive with stranger herds or alone in the wild and will require parental care, which these wildlife officers are able to provide.

This video is not about caging these elephants, but securing them until officers find their families.

I cried when watching its eyes, It is so cute but very scared because of missing mother, I love it so much hope it will meet its mother soon, God bless it.

He should have been given some goat’s milk and, blanket, possibly a ball to play with, This Ellie should never have been left alone to stress out like this.

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