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How much does the most expensive dish in Salt Bae’s restaurant cost?

Salt Bae is the favorite butcher of footballers, They all go to his restaurant in Dubai to taste his dishes each one crazier than the last, Find out how much the most expensive dish in his restaurant costs.

When you Season a steak it’s cooked wrong! Why put salt on a dry piece of meat unless you want to make beef jerky don’t get me wrong I love a good juicy piece of meat but a dry salty steak no thanks to you, To each his own.

Many football superstars enjoyed his restaurant, One day I will go and have dinner in his restaurant, I love all types of meat in his restaurant.

Funny how I never heard of this guy until last week when I read a wordy yahoo story about his New York restaurant was the worst for some reason, I don’t know why that was I quickly became bored with the article like I often do with almost all yahoo news stories.

it’s not just because of a footballer being there but their dishes look good whenever I see it on social media, that tomahawk beef very smooth, and it attracts some footballers going there.

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