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The South African Lions take advantage of the lockdown and take a nap on the deserted highway

Do you know how your neighborhood cat sleeps almost anyplace and everywhere? The same appears to be true for wild large cats, such as these lions.

The animals were certain to realize that people had vanished sooner or later, and lions in South Africa’s Kruger National Park have seized the opportunity.

Richard Sowry, a park ranger in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, was the first to notice the tigers resting on the roadways.

Normally, rangers would only encounter big cats on the highways at night.

What kind of camera was used to capture the photos?.

Mr Sowry operates as a ranger in one of Africa’s largest game reserves, and he continues to work throughout the lockdown, checking on the wildlife and keeping an eye out for poachers.

On Wednesday afternoon, while driving near Orpen Rest Camp, he noticed the lions on the road ahead and pulled over at a five-meter (5.5-yard) distance to see the rare event.

The lions were unconcerned as he shot photographs with his phone, with the majority of them appearing to be deep sleeping.

He added, “Lions are used to people in automobiles.” “All animals have a natural dread of people on foot, so if I had approached on foot, they would never have let me get that close.”

While this was definitely a sight to behold, the rangers must ensure that the tigers do not expect that the roadways will be safe for them to sleep on for the rest of their lives.

Cars will eventually resume driving on them, and he doesn’t want the tigers to become accustomed to all this open “land.”

Observe Kruger Park’s eerie atmosphere in the absence of humans.

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