Dog | August 17, 2021 12:54 AM | Hang Bona

AMAZING! Smart Dogs Wait For Their Names To Be Called, Funny Pets Compilation

Cute dogs are very sweet they are all very smart and clever thank you for sharing your beautiful video very all know their name very well.

I do this at the detective station I work at except it’s about 35 German Shepard Rottweilers Dobermans labradors pointers and Belgian malinois all wanting to be fed and there are a few wolves and wolf hybrids mixed in there too.

Gawain can’t believe his ears when she called its name as he was the main hindrance to everyone back in the row to enter.

I’ve watched it many times! echo was cute and funny! looks like she/he knows he will call last, but didn’t notice it’s her/his turn.

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