Animals | August 16, 2021 3:35 PM | Hang Bona

Spotting a beautiful elephant herd enjoying their time in Polonnaruwa

A scenic video describes how elephant herds living across rural regions of Sri Lanka enjoy their day around massive water sources.

A different kind of an update after several videos that showed a few chaotic problems and missions to save troubled elephants in similar regions of the country.

You can learn a lot about the island, and wild elephants if you head over to our blog to browse a massive library of elephant scenarios we have documented.

Watch this footage and have a calming time off and also let us know about your thoughts on visiting this place in Polonnaruwa.

What a beautiful herd of elephants! It’s wonderful to see all the generations foraging, looking happy and relaxed.

The small touches they give each other are lovely to see, I’ve always loved watching elephant interactions, They truly are a family unit.

Also, love watching the tiny nuances of how they each have their own way of grabbing the grasses, Thank you for posting and sharing this video.

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