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Panther Grows Up With A Human And Rottweiler Best Friend After Being Abandoned By Its Mother

Meet Luna, a beautiful panther born in a Siberian zoo, Unfortunately, her mother rejected her and failed to provide her with the milk and care she required.

Her prospects of survival were bleak until an incredible lady intervened and saved her.

She had prior expertise with large cats and chose to assist Luna by caring for her and providing her with all of the vitamins she required.

Luna’s birth mother had rejected her, therefore she needed to be looked after.

Luna became connected to the lady and vice versa, so she decided to adopt her from the zoo, Luna was now a member of the family, and she met her new sister, Venza the dog.

After a few months of carefully introducing them and ensuring that they got along, they established a lovely relationship, They are now inseparable, and you will constantly see them together playing about and enjoying the world, They are the best of friends, and they look so sweet together.

Fortunately, this wonderful woman discovered her and adopted her, She had prior experience with large cats, so it seemed like a perfect fit.

Luna was deficient in some vitamins that she would normally acquire through milk, so she was given supplements to compensate.

Check out Luna’s videos on Youtube to learn more about her tale and to observe her development as she matures into a healthy black panther.

Luna quickly adjusted to her new surroundings and family.

Luna’s life was spared thanks to this incredible woman.

Luna is in safe and capable hands with the woman who took her in, She is skilled in caring for such animals and understands precisely what she needs in terms of food and affection.

They were so in love that the woman had no choice but to adopt her from the zoo.

Venza, the Rottweiler, was Luna’s new sibling.

They took things slowly at first, cautiously introducing them.

They were close buddies not long after that.

They are now inseparable, always together, playing and exploring life together.

Luna is now a fully developed adult panther with a charming demeanor and a derpy face.

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