Dog | August 14, 2021 4:14 PM | Hang Bona

BiBi and little friends fun play in the meadow

What fun but that pup is very feisty with bibi, It is a good thing she can run fast, The meadow looks like such fun.

Hi bibi fam look this dog is too small to be playing like that he is not going to like bibi went he grow please be careful he could hurt him he is a puppy that is learning how he is being too rough with this monkey ok thank u, Blanca.

After watching these animals interact I can’t understand why anyone would put them back in the wild, They are adorable, Pets are working, Any pet is, It is hard to believe that somebody wouldn’t want to take them.

My goodness, this little monkey and his friends are so playful, loveable and so cute, Thanks for lightening up our day! Look forward to more of Bibi’s adventure with her friends! There should be a book written about Bibi and Friends!.

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