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Wildlife Photographer Captures Stunning Lionesses With 8 Cubs (7 Pics)

Family photographs are always a challenge, especially when there are eight youngsters to consider.

One pride of lions, on the other hand, made it look simple by spontaneously lining up for a picture-perfect shot of them altogether.

These amazing photos were taken in Tanzania’s Serengeti Loliondo Conservation and feature the pride of three female lionesses and their eight pups.

These magnificent lions can be found in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park, It covers approximately 12,000 square miles.

The Maasai language gives the Serengeti its name, which means “Endless Plains.”

Barbara Fleming managed to snap these once-in-a-lifetime pictures, including one with all eight cubs peering directly into the lens.

The lion population has decreased by 70% worldwide since the 1960s!.

Habitat destruction and human encroachment in the wild are mostly to blame for the massive reduction in numbers.

What a lovely family portrait of these incredibly magnificent creatures!.

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