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Drowning elephants saved from a muddy well

Watch how villagers and wildlife officers manage to save two adult elephants from a pool full of water and mud, Sit back and relax watching this dramatic footage of humanity.

This just scares me to death to even think about the outcome if the boys had not gotten there in time, they are their johnny on the spot, always vigilant, always watchful backhoes in hand, always in control, and cheerful at the end to see the babies regain, their freedom, and always glad to be a part of the babies lives.

There are a thousand ways the elephants can get into these kinds of problems and the boys have a plan for each and every issue that comes their way.

There is a very special place in God’s kingdom for people like this, thank you dear boys for your dedication to not just the majestic elephant, but to all that need a helping hand.

May God look after you men, keep you safe, and guide your hands to perform your duty with skill, and perseverance, and return you all home to your families at the end of the day.

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