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BiBi monkey’s reaction when she sees the cows

You have such beautiful farms, look at that greenery the magnificent views and atmosphere, I like that Bibi is allowed to be in the greenery and vegetation and enjoy being a monkey, You with all your pets are in heaven, Enjoy.

Cows can be vicious with dogs when they have calves, In the UK people with dogs have been trampled and killed by overprotective cows, Glad to see your cows seem more mellow and unthreatening, but it’s something to watch out for, Thank you for another lovely video.

How beautiful BIBI looks in that beautiful landscape that seems to be taken out of a movie, Is it something that I came to think of, is this paradise?.

And with those cute little angels and especially with BIBI, who is very beautiful, adorable, intelligent, how beautiful would paradise be like that, Kisses from my beloved country CHILE.

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