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Meet the Dutch Owl Who Takes Pleasure in Landing On People’s Heads (10 Pics)

A European Eagle Owl has gained notoriety for an odd yet amusing habit of landing on people’s heads.

The friendly owl attempting to sleep on the heads of many onlookers in Zaandam, Netherlands, has been photographed by Meeno Shaefer.

It would land, sit for a minute or so, and then look for another place to rest.

“It tried to land on my head once while photographing the owl,” Shaefer told the NL Times, “However, the owl swooped onto my neighbor standing by my side as soon as I lifted my camera to obtain a shot.”

One local resident said that the owl’s publicity is garnering the town a lot of attention.

“I’ve seen photographers and birders from all over the nation come to view the eagle owl, from The Hague to Spijkenisse, Our community is finally on the map!”.

“It was a very funny thing to witness, but I’m just as mystified as everyone as to why it does this,” Schaefer said of the owl’s behavior.


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