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Saving a young elephant from one of the smallest predators

Villagers found this young elephant calf being weak and sick with uncomfortable behavior when they went to treat and greet the young one, Watch the dramatic video about saving this.

Yes, I like watching your videos and I think it’s a great thing that you do over there.

But not understanding the language makes it hard to figure out what’s going on, Maybe you could have an English subtitle at the bottom.

Also, many of your videos don’t show the final outcome of what happened to the elephant and that’s what most people want to see or know.

So that would be helpful to let us know what happened even if you have to write it down in the description area, I’d like to know where the mother is and what was in his mouth it was obviously some type of insect maybe worms or maggots.

I don’t know, So yeah please put subtitles or explain in the description the important parts.

Now that he’s standing up again is he even going to survive up there without a mother? Please in the future these are things that you should explain, Thank you.

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