Animals | August 13, 2021 3:44 AM | Hang Bona

Gargantuan elephant gets visited by a team of medical officers in the wild

These officers are on a daily mission to treat and vaccinate many wild elephants that roam the area, They are on their SUV’s with all the medical supplies for both routine check-ups and emergency rescue operations they come across.

These expert vets and wildlife officers know how life-threatening these confrontations are as they try to treat these wild giants by using modern methods that allow them to get closer.

One wrong step can cost them their lives or injuries that will disable them for life, However, this particular confrontation well went as they hoped, Watch the full footage here.

if it were not for brave young men like we see here the elephant would be in dire trouble, my faith in humanity remains when I see these men in action, the elephant has a real chance with people like them.

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