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Meet the Adorable Mickey Mouse-Looking Dog With Fluffy Ears (16 Pics)

Meet Goma, the world’s most renowned ‘Mickey Mouse dog,’ who is winning hearts all over the world.

The beautiful 8-year-old is best recognized for her large, fluffy ears, which give her the appearance of a real-life Mickey Mouse.

Goma is a Maltese x Papillon hybrid that has inherited the greatest qualities of both breeds.

Her cute ears are Maltese-like, but they also tip upwards like a Papillion, giving her a cartoon mouse appearance.

Goma’s Instagram page has approximately 110k followers, and she posts gorgeous photographs and videos almost every day.

She certainly has it good and is frequently pushed around in her stroller as if she were a human child or carried around in her doggy backpack.

She has a plethora of toys and enjoys snuggling with them in her bed, She also has a plethora of accessories, such as bunny ears and neckties.

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