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Outside His Window, A Guy Notices The Cutest Little Squirrels Napping

While a building job was ongoing at his home, Ludwig C, Timm was looking out his bathroom window when he spotted something peculiar.

“At first, we only observed a few little twigs on the ledge, and we assumed the wind had driven them there,” Timm told The Dodo, “Then we noticed the squirrels constructing.”

The squirrel family chose a location to start their family and build a nest.

Timm, a photographer, saw this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the squirrels up close and chose to film it all for us to enjoy.

Timm took the greatest images of them growing up, from building their nest to growing up, and shared them on his Facebook page.

With daily glimpses of their life as they grew older, he maintained a close eye on the squirrel family.

Among the many cute photographs, one in particular strikes out the squirrels all snuggled up together, napping.

“It was quite fortunate for me to be able to photograph the sleeping squirrels,” Timm explained, “Normally, they sleep inside the nest, but it was extremely hot that day, so they slept where I could see them.”

Even though this scene appears to be simple enough, experiencing it up close and personal like this was undoubtedly exciting.

“It’s a pretty nice coincidence [that they chose that location] since we got to observe the squirrels grow up,” Timm remarked.

What a lovely encounter! Thank you for sharing, Ludwig!.

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