Animals | August 11, 2021 10:42 AM | Hang Bona

BiBi and puppy hides from duckling to go out

Bibi is a good leader, He always takes good care of all of his friends, You’re so nice and so smart, He knows how to treat the other’s friends every day, I love you!.

I love watching these beautiful “people”, I never miss a single video of bibi n his friends, however, I miss the goat who is also this family member, please include him too, I hope the goat is in good health, I miss Mr.goat.

Such a shame humans can’t accept the difference of other people, What a difference the world would be, unite and no hate, So sad.

I just can’t say enough about BiBi and her friends, They are so Amazing, Dad you are great and blessed that you have these Wonderful little ones.

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