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Fallen Elephant Gets Rescued After Being Trapped: A Dedicated Wildlife Team In Action

That was a good job by the team, But let the elephant breathe after it came out, Its body was crumpled and so the muscles have to ease.

Let it gain its strength, Don’t scare it yet. And moreover, it’s famished, Someone could have been kind enough to offer food and water, It should have been medicated.

The poor thing! He was exhausted from trying to get himself free, You could clearly see his muscles weren’t ready to crawl out of there.

Did anybody notice the tears in this elephant’s eyes at the beginning of the video where his eyes were all wet underneath? That made me cry.

The Ellie probably had lost hope of surviving, or those were tears of joy that they were there to help, I do feel they should have given him some water to drink.


How long had he been stuck like that? I’m concerned about what happens to him now, weak and alone, But a big heartfelt thank you to all those who were there to save him, God bless you!.

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