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Grizzly Bear “Super Mom” Gives Birth To 17th Cub Despite Her Advanced Age

A grizzly bear supermom who made a name for herself by showing off her cubs to visitors on the side of the road has given birth to her 17th child.

Even at the great age of 24, the wild grizzly bear in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park is still having babies.

Grizzlies in the wild don’t live much longer than 26 years, but that hasn’t prevented this amazing mom from giving birth to four pups.

Even without considering the grizzly’s age, four cubs in a single litter for a grizzly bear is unusual.

She was known as Grizzly 399 because she was frequently seen on the side of the road with her family, prompting the creation of social media profiles in her name.

It’s thought that the super-mom’s learned to dodge males who have been known to murder newborn bear pups by using busy highways.

Grizzly 399 has officially become the most successful documented grizzly mother of all time as a result of this strategy.

Kate and Adam Rice took these amazing photographs, Adam mentioned something about them.

“At her old age, we weren’t sure she’d produce cubs again, let alone four, which is exceedingly rare.”

“We were taken aback when we learned she produced four cubs; it appeared to be her way of proving us wrong.”

Kate works as a photographer at the park and claims to be completely enamored with bears.

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