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Awe-inspiring footage shows a sleeping Octopus changing colors while it sleeps

An octopus has been caught on camera changing color while sleeping, which experts believe is due to its dreaming.

So it appears that our strange eight-legged pals can dream, who knew?.

PBS obtained the breathtaking footage for a forthcoming program called Octopus, Making Contact, which shows the enigmatic creature sleeping and changing color.

As it blends into the water, the hues shift from gray to yellow and eventually practically undetectable.

Dr. David Scheel, a biologist, speculates on what the octopus could be dreaming about.

“When she spots a crab, her color begins to shift somewhat, Then she becomes completely dark, When octopuses leave the bottom, they will do so.

This is camouflage as if she recently tamed a crab and is now going to sit and eat it while hoping no one notices her.

This is very intriguing, But, sure, if she’s dreaming, she’s dreaming.”

Every day, you truly do learn something new.

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