Animals | August 8, 2021 11:13 AM | Hang Bona

Baby monkey protects and takes care of ducks

BBC counts the ducklings, everything is in place, The puppy wants to play with friends.

Everyone is here, Cute, How much positive, What is the name of the video creator? Thanks a lot to him.

Most Beautiful and Mesmerizing Video and kind of Deep Meditation brimmed with love for me.

What a beautiful puppy, the beautiful place beautiful, the little monkey ducklings taking care of and herding the duckling’s show.

Wow, I don’t believe in my eyes so cute tiny babies thank you very much Animal home to share lovely vlog I love you guys.

Please tell the monkey that the puppy needs to learn from him, but don’t give the puppy a hard time, but he is so cute and wonderful with ducks.

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